Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sucking, Fate, and A Clockwork Orange

An Extra Special Tour into the mess that is my brain. Hence the random combinations of topics that is mooshed into this vid. But hey, just get in the zone. I'm sure your brains are equally scrambled eggy and righteous. xoxox

Sunday, November 11, 2012

drugz and all dat

So lovely people - before you try to arrest me, please note that the drugs used are: grass from my back yard, powdered sugar, apple cider, water, a cooking mushroom, and a sugar birth control pill. You will look stupid if you freak out and tell your moms. xoxoxo

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Nietzsche and FLOW

Finding that happysauce...aka Flow. With some Nietzsche thrown in. Enjoy :)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Green Smoothie Recipe:
1 Apple or Pear
1 Celery Stick
1/2 head of romaine lettuce
1 Big handful of kale or spinach
1 square inch cube of fresh ginger
1 cup water

So lovelies. Here's what you do. Chop all the shit that needs to be chopped, tear that leafy stuff up. Put the water and leafy stuff into the blender first, blend the hell out of it, then add the rest. When that is all nice and blended, add the ice because it makes it all more palatable.
Drink with a friend.
Think of it as the healthy and SEXY alternative to frat boy beer chugging.
Become a golden god because you are so righteously detoxed. thug life.

First Video!

Hello Lovelies,
Here is the first video. Very rambly/poorly edited. ENJOY!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hello Beautiful People,

  So a brief introduction to this blog: as of two weeks ago, I left Columbia University because I was not living a happy and fulfilling life there. Also known as EXISTENTIAL CRISES. HA! Up until this moment, I had always thought that a prestigious education and a successful, well-paying job were the most important things in life. Throw in a sexy lover and some friends. Maybe a dog. But the thing is, although I have a passion for learning, traditional academia and a high-pressure environment are no longer stimulating for me. For all of you who are still in the educational system, ivy league or not, I don't judge you! If you are having a good time doing that, GO FOR IT! You are probably a huge baller, and if you are happy, that is all that matters. 

    However, everyone is different and at this point in my life, I am stepping away from the path of a high-achieving student, in the hopes of getting a different perspective on life and the pursuit of happiness. I'm using this blog as a means to record my experiences outside of the society-approved path, in addition to tossing some of my poetry into the mix. Maybe some other random crap...we'll just have to see where the wind blows this thing. 

    So to anyone reading this, thank-you! I know this is super random/self-indulgent and cliche but sometimes cliches are beautiful. I will try to make this entertaining by doing mostly videos because videos are chillll and I would never have the attention span to read a blog, so I can't expect anyone else to.
Much love!